Play Now

Play is the largest mobile network operator in Poland, operating since 2007 as well as our longtime customer. In 2019, network had 15 milion 35 thousand active SIM cards. Telecom is constantly developing value added services such as Play Now television.

Play Now

Play Now is one of the biggest platforms in Poland for watching movies and TV series and a movier rental. Access to over 60 TV channels, which we can watch up yo 7 days after their broadcast, the possibility to run a movie or program from the beginning, a large database of movies and the possibility to record video materials in the cloud is only the part of functionalities.

Due to the number of of innovative features, the solution can be used by the most demanding customers. Adaptive streaming automatically adjusts the video quality to the bandwith which allows to watch smoothly without delays.

The solution supports various resolutions and device sizes, along with dynamic adjustment to the screen size.

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Play Now - Follow me content

Follow me content

Function - follow me content - allows us to continue the movie or program started on another device. Logging in to the mobile application is automatic if we are connected to the Internet via Play.

Play Now - TV program

TV program

Thanks to the extensive television program, you can tailor your selection of movies and series to your taste. Play Now plays OTT materials with TimeShift function which allows to play live streams from the beginning and watching any program aired up to 7 days ago.

Play Now - Video On Demand

Video On Demand

Play Now is also a online movie rental. The Video On Demand service gives us an access to huge database of movies, which, when selected in the mobile application, can be sent via Chromecast to the TV or viewed on several devices at the same time. TVOD - cheap rental for the short period of time.

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