Plus Music

Plus Music is a set of mobile applications for one of the most popular music service in Poland. Fully made by N7 Mobile, it provides the most important functions of the music store, with the ability to listen to the music in the streaming, as well as offline playback of songs.

Plus Music

A complete music store solution

All the most important functions of a modern music store in one application:

  • streaming
  • mp3 download
  • player
  • library manager
  • in-app purchases

It provides features such as lists of the most popular playlists or the ability to create your own. It is a unique solution on the Polish market that combines a music store with the ability to download tracks (without DRM) and a streaming platform which uses DRM verified by music providers such as Universal Music or Sony Music.

Plus Music - App Icon

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Plus Music - Music library

Music library

The biggest music library in Poland. News, playlists, genres in one application. A fast search engine along with in-place search. The ability to build your own playlists, offline mode for streaming tracks, download queue manager, favourites and clipboard. Local music catalogue with music available on the phone.

Plus Music - Audio streaming

Audio streaming

Playback algorithms for optimal performance in poor network conditions. Automatic playback retry in case of broken session plus next track buffering creates steady playback environment for the user. A player combines the playback of local songs, tracks from streaming and offline in a transparent way for the user.

Plus Music - Safe playback

Safe playback

Plus Music uses DRM mechanisms accepted by record labels, such as asymmetric encryption or HLS streams. All tracks saved for local playback are encrypted with a key associated with a user account.

Plus Music - Mobile payments and profile management

Mobile payments and profile management

Application uses various third party payment solutions, provided by Polish payment providers. Also it can be tied to Plus MNO phone number for easy and secure payments via network provider.

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