TOK FM is an advanced and innovative ecosystem that gives the posibility to listen to broadcasts and podcasts anywhere: on the phone, in the car, on the internet or on the radio. The application has several business models: in-app ads, free trail period, monthly subscription fee (in-app payment support, Google Pay, Apple Pay).


TOK FM gives us access to an archive of past radio programs and podcasts with the possibility to listen to each one of them. Advanced search engine allows user to find podcasts after host, programs and gues. The user can observe the selected program or presenters and queue programs to listen. Creating your own lists, along with your listening history is one of many personalization options. We can listen to the everything offline after downloading the chosed podcast in the application.

While driving a car, we can comfortably and safely use the the application - it supports the CarPlay function.

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Our tasks


TOK FM - Archive


Access to very large podcast database with extensive search engine which can find podcasts with different phrases such as: guests, host running the show and tags.

TOK FM - Schedule


Browsing podcasts on the selected day. Access to information about scheduled date and time of the podcast and also an access to the previous past podcasts.

TOK FM - Personalization


User can follow chosen shows or hosts leading the show. Browse popular podcasts, queue selected, create your own listening list or listen to the live radio.

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