for your business

We create dedicated software to help you achieve success. Our passionate and energetic team will provide you with the highest quality you need. We create products that are work stable and looks modern.

Mobile Software

Our team has 10+ years of experience in building mobile applications. We freely operate in native and hybrid mobile technologies, which we use to create excellent products.

  • Native Android: Java, Kotlin
  • Native iOS: Objective-C, Swift
  • Hybrid Solutions: Flutter, Xamarin
  • Native Libraries: C/C++, OpenGL ES
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Cloud, backend & frontend

We create dedicated backend/frontend solutions and integrate existing systems into a coherent product. We have experience on both cloud-native and dedicated systems.

  • Backend: Python, Golang, NoSQL, SQL, AWS Lambda
  • Frontend: VueJS, ReactJS, Django, Grav CMS
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes & Rancher
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Set-Top Box Solutions

We build dedicated software for Android-based STB devices. We focus on speed and stability and have experience in building custom graphical interfaces for hybrid (OTT+Live) systems.

  • Dedicated UI for Android-based STB
  • 4K 60fps, DRM Widevine Modular L1/L3
  • OTT, CatchUp, Backwards EPG
  • EPG, nPVR, TVOD/SVOD payment process
  • DVB-T/C Playback
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Our love is to create beautiful looking systems. We know that the right look can make the project stand out from the crowd.

  • Product Workshops, Defining Customer Needs, Prototyping
  • We use Figma, Sketch, XD, Invision, Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Design Sprints Methodology
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Support & Maintenance

We build elegant solutions for years. We have a team that can provide support and development for long life products.

  • SLA Agreements
  • Request and Incidents processing
  • Support and development of third-party solutions
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What is the software development process like?

Here's how we manage to build products used by tens of millions of people.

1. Inquiry

The first step in many projects is to send us a fairly detailed inquiry, in which you provide us with your documents, API specifications or mock-ups. This is also a good time to submit your NDA if you need to.

Thanks to this, we will be able to define the initial budget and time frame.


Initial pricing and schedule


1 - 2 weeks

2. Design Workshops

Bearing in mind your goals and expectations, we organize design workshops in the form of several meetings or videoconferences, based on which we will set system requirements and define the target budget.

During the workshop, you work together with our Product Owner who will guide you through the entire system.


Detailed pricing, functional requirements


A few days - 2 weeks

3. Design and Architecture

When the project goals and its requirements are defined, we can start working on creating UX / UI layouts and defining the high-level architecture of the solution. Designs that we create at this stage will be seen by the end customer who will use your solution.

During this stage, you mainly work with our graphic designer. If you have a technical person who will be able to work with our architect - that's great. If not, we are able to work out all technical matters for you.


UI Designs and architecture diagrams


3 - 10 weeks

4. Implementation

During this longest stage, your product is created by a team of experienced programmers, testers, graphic designer and Project Manager / Scrum Master in iterations called sprints (usually 2 weeks long). During each sprint, you will have an influence on the shape of the product and can make decisions that change what we are working on.

At the end of most sprints, you will get a demo version of the product that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the progress of the work.


The solution, ready to be deployed


2 - 12 months

5. Deployment and Maintenance

At this stage, we deploy and distribute your solution on the target infrastructure (cloud, dedicated servers or application stores). We are also ready to help you solve common problems, be it with cloud configuration or with questions that will arise during the reviews of your applications.

After deployment, we offer warranty support as well as maintenance carried out by our team.


The product, available to end customers


1 - 3 weeks (deployment)

Our References

Check what our clients think about our work.

" Their ability to advise and make improvement suggestions beyond the original scope was impressive. "

Chief Product & Innovation Architect
Viva Wallet

" We were most impressed by the great communication and great commitment of all people working in the project. "

Roch Kudła
Online Development Director

" They constantly adjust to produce the best high-quality software to meet our needs. "

Kornel Zątek
Head of the Mobile Services Development

" They have a great understanding of the Android mobile operating system. "

Krzysztof Szostak
Service Development Manager

" We were impressed by their knowledge about the mobile app distribution process. "

Ewa Morawska
Administration & Operation Manager

" They have proven to be very reliable in terms of the timing and quality.

Alan Pilarz
Head of Project Management