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Asset 51 Innovative UX/UI Design

Innovative approach to UI design based on a highly customizable OpenGL graphics engine. Our technology provides possibilities of building graphical interfaces that are not limited by typical mobile OS capabilities. Whatever you imagine, we can build it!

Asset 50 Advanced audio playback technologies

We’ve got extensive experience in building reliable audio applications for Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices. Custom audio playback engines with various sound effects are just a part of what we can do. Our solutions are widely used by both individual users and industry leaders.

Asset 49 Video playback and streaming

We provide custom video playback and streaming solutions that can be integrated into mobile applications working with different content provider configurations. Our solutions enable to play any video format transported over standard or custom streaming protocols.

Asset 48 Social media and marketing

We have a vast experience in an integration of social services with client mobile applications. Our knowledge can make big difference in a new users acquisition via social channels.

Asset 47 Mobile payments and e-commerce

We’ve gained considerable experience in building digital media stores and integrating mobile payment solutions. Additionally, we have experience in interfacing with mobile carrier billing systems that can be used to minimize user payment requirements.

Asset 46 IoT and iBeacons

Our portfolio comprises numerous systems requiring location and indoor microlocation services. Using small Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters (iBeacons) we create applications providing precise (with accuracy of up to single meters) location, navigation and context awareness.